what is frg ministry?

FRG Ministry was established in 2015 in order to assist with the apostolate of Fr Rob Galea. Over the previous few years the demand for Fr Rob to speak and sing at schools, conferences and concerts has increased at an overwhelming rate. Fr Galea understands that his focus needs to be the pastoral care of souls within the Sandhurst Diocese, and thus FRG Ministry was founded to enable him to do just that while also continuing to use his gifts in a global evangelisation ministry.  Here is what FRG Ministry oversees:

school visits

Fr Rob visits schools (principally Secondary [High] Schools) around Australia and the world. The purpose of these visits is to share the Good News in a relevant and meaningful way. To book Fr Rob in for a school visit please contact us here

speaking engagements

Fr Rob has a heart on fire for God. After encountering the love of Jesus at the age of 16 his life was never the same again. This passion and authentic love for Jesus is evident in the way Fr Rob communicates and engages with young and old. 

Fr Rob travels nationally and internationally speaking at conferences, schools, churches and appearing on TV and Radio. He currently ministers to over 200,000 people annually.

If you’d like to book Fr Rob for a church service, conference or a speaking engagement, please contact us here.

music ministry

"I love being a priest. It is clear to me that I am above all a follower of Christ, then a priest and only then does my ministry of music make sense. The vocation of every ordained priest is to be a minister of Word and Sacrament.

Music is powerful. It speaks to the heart where words can fail. This is where my music comes in. It serves to deliver the Word of God to the hearts of people. It delivers a message of hope and healing in a way that some people are simply more willing to accept.

Although I record music, perform, give concerts and lead worship I am not a performer, I am not an entertainer but I am a worshipper, and a minister of Word and Sacrament before and above anything else." - Fr Rob

Fr Rob Galea gives a series of concerts, rallies and music workshops throughout the year. 

stronger youth

In 2008 Fr Rob, together with the late Bishop Joe Grech founded the ‘Stronger’ Youth Program – a series of youth retreats, rallies and small groups (D-Groups), which are run around the Sandhurst diocese.

Stronger Youth runs in three different dioceses across Australia and is quickly growing from strength to strength. With D-Groups in eight parishes, quarterly rallies with hundreds of young people in attendance, a growing Young Adult ministry and an annual retreat attracting youth from across Victoria to seek and serve the Lord.

It is amazing to see how fast Stronger is growing and how passionate these young people are about knowing, loving and serving the Lord! 

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Visit Fr Rob's TOUR Page for a list of Stronger Youth Events

frg apparel

This is a clothing and accessory line with the intention of helping young people wear their faith. St. Francis of Assisi once said: ‘Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.’ 

FRG Apparel (apart from making one look absolutely awesome) can help the young and old fulfil the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:19-20)

When purchasing FRG Apparel, wearers are encouraged to have a few simple and loving words ready to share ‘the reason for the hope that you have’. (1 Peter 3:15)

All proceeds go to outreach and evangelisation projects.

frg records

FRG Records is the administration and publishing of Fr Rob Galea's music. Within Australia FRG Records is proudly assisted by Willow Publishing and in North America by GIA Music

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100% of your donation will go to youth outreach and evangelisation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!